Healthcare Providers
BLS Hands-on Skills Session

Wednesday November 29, 2023
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

The Healthcare Providers BLS Hands-on Skills Session: is required for final completion of the course and for issuance of a valid AHA HeartCode® BLS Provider Certification Card. Students should Print out and bring proof of having successfully completed the online portion of the course with them to the scheduled BLS Skills Sessions with an AHA instructor. During the Heartcode BLS Skills Session, students will practice BLS skills and check off the manikins. The required pocket mask with a one-way valve is provided for the student to use during training and follow the class. The cost of the Heartcode BLS Skills Session is $60.00. Certifications for BLS Providers are issued on the same day.

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Limit 3 students per Class Session

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